September 28, 2020

Kas Lemmens and Dominik Wagner on Vans.

Vans Snow is very proud to welcome two new family members:
Kas Lemmens and Dominik Wagner.

Both Kas and Dom are really gifted European snowboarders with a strong impact on the evolution of street snowboarding. Their introduction to Vans came naturally.


Kas Lemmens from the Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European street video crew: Postland Theory. Therefore, he filmed multiple video part alongside vans team athletes such as Will Smith, Cees Wille or Ivika Jurgenson. He also has a privileged relationship with Darrerl Mathes being a Public snowboard team member.



@kaslemmens: "I've always felt so close with the whole Vans snow program,
for me it's like going home”.

View Kas' full profile here.

On his side, Austrian Dominik Wagner is Benny Urban long-time riding partner. They travelled the world together and already shared the Vans Japanese journey for #VANSTRIPLE last year.



@dom1n1k_wagne3: " Vans have always been my brand of choice,
it's a real honour to represent them as a snowboarder".

View Dom's full profile here.


Welcome to the team boys!!!