Hannibal, Napoleon and Chris Froome all have one thing in common, they have made history by crossing the biggest passes of the Alps, Restefond, Galibier and Petit Saint Bernar. The grail for some, insurmountable natural obstacles for others. The aim for our Vans team riders were to engage in this journey, organized in collaboration with ACT Snowboarding Magazine and cross a part of the Southern Alps to the North.

It is in this adventure behind the wheel of a camper, that launched four riders from the Vans team to travel in June. Victor De Le RueEnzo Nilo, Thomas Delfina and Valerian Ducourti explored the passes of high mountains, feared by some but not insurmountable. Restefond, Galibier and Petit Saint Bernard can boast to giving a hard time to anyone who wishes to cross them. But these passes, which are primarily a passage leading from one valley to another, always reward the brave with the beauty of their landscapes.

Thanks to the camper our team were able to travel from spot to spot freely and live a true "road trip" experience. Climbing mountain passes, observing wildlife, to visiting majestic sites with unique places to ride. The exceptional snow in June offered this crazy team, virgin slopes and endless powder ! A paradise for those who love free riding!


"This trip shows us that adventures aren’t far away when having such a motivated team. Even if the conditions at this time of year are not optimal, there is still plenty of snow to have fun on!" says Bruno Rivoire, Vans Snow Team Manager.


The Vans team, comprised of Victor De Le Rue, Enzo Nilo, Thomas Delfino and Valerian Ducoutril, take us to the summit of Alpine passes for a crazy road trip ! 

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Petit Saint Bernard 


VICTOR DE LE RUE (@victordelerue)

ENZO NILO (@enzonilo)

THOMAS DELFINO (@thomasdelfino)

VALÉRIAN DUCOURTIL (@valerianducourtil)

Video : @almofilm

Pictures : David Tchag - Rémy Lamazouere @actsnowboarding


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